mercredi 21 novembre 2007

TV Journal Assignment #5

It was interesting to watch this TV program in English. I already watched this program before in French and that gave me a reason to take time to listening it because with school and work, it's difficult to find time to watch it. It also permits me to practice my comprehension of this language. I've also learned the different scientific techniques who is use to find the killer in diverse investigations. I recommend this TV program to oter students who have a good knowledge on English because the story is complex and you have to be fairly in English to understand what happen in the story.

mercredi 14 novembre 2007

Tvjournal 4

We investigated the murder of a young woman, Jane Galloway. Later in the day I was looking at my mail, when I saw one of my friends send me pictures of our graduate ball that she had found. I was suprised to see a photo that corresponded to how we found the body of the woman. I wondered if the killer had acces to my message box. Later, Grissom discovered a suspect who is the guy who laid the cable and he asked me and Warrick to go inspect his house.The Warrick cell phone rang, but, because he understood nothing he went outside of he house. Meanhile, I entered the house of the suspect to inspect the scene. While I was leaned to observe something in a closet, the suspect stuck me and threw me out the window, I found myself in the hospital. Upon to tell me that the police were coming to protect myself. But in the meantime, I discovered that the suspect was hidden in my attic. He tried to kill me but I knew how to react in the right way and the police arrived in time to avoid the worst.

mardi 25 septembre 2007

Episode 1

In this episode, the CSI team inquired into a sexual aggression situation where a young woman was removed. After she was attacked, her abductor left her for dead y the side of the road. She was led to the hospital, between life and death. This investigation was then entrusted to Nick and Grissom who launched out in search of the attacker. Sara went to the hospital to see the victim and made some specimens to analyze them in order to find clues. During this time, Catherine and Warrick hed to help the prosecutor in an investigation of a murder in order to shed the light on what really happened by holding accounts where one of the piece of evidence was lost.

Introduction of CSI Las Vegas

This TV program is about investigations of the night team scientistsfrom Las Vegas who try to clarify the murders which occur in this city. In order to do that, the team uses the advanced technologies to find indications leading to the criminals. All through these investigations, we can see the characters evolve and carry out engagements against their own personal problems. This team is directed by Gil Grissom who is a very methodical character, very organized and who listens to only the evidence. Its team consists of Catherine Willows who is the mother of a small girl and a former exotic dancer. Warrick Brown is one of the investigators towhom Grissom gives responsibilities without hesitating and that makes Sara jealous and he is always in perpetual competition with Nick Stokes although they are good friends. Nick Stokes is an essential member of this team bringing much stability and he has a great facility in the interpersonal relations. Finally, there is Sara Sidle, the last recruit of the team who lives only for her work. She has a special relation with Grissom which will evolve during the seasons.